Summer Time Promo

May 20, 2015

From Memorial Day to Labor Day this summer, order a custom Chemistry surfboard through our website and get all your surf accessory needs for free. Boards ordered online will come with a set of fins, a Chemistry pad made by Pro-Lite a Chemistry leash, Chem wax made by HSTMFG, and a Chemistry t-shirt. A $100 value for free and a true Chemistry experience. Continue Reading →

Chemistry Forever

April 16, 2015

for·ev·erfəˈrevər/Submitadverb1. for all future time; for always. Skills develop at a young age. With passion, persistence, and patience, young apprentices become master craftsmen. These craftsmen leave an inspirational path for the next generation. Here at Chemistry we continue to design, build, create, and stay inspired to the day our physical expires. Chemistry is forever. Chemistry Forever from Chemistry Surfboards on Vimeo.   Continue Reading →