Chemistry Forever

April 16, 2015

for·ev·erfəˈrevər/Submitadverb1. for all future time; for always. Skills develop at a young age. With passion, persistence, and patience, young apprentices become master craftsmen. These craftsmen leave an inspirational path for the next generation. Here at Chemistry we continue to design, build, create, and stay inspired to the day our physical expires. Chemistry is forever. Chemistry Forever from Chemistry Surfboards on Vimeo.   Continue Reading →

Camp Shred 2015

February 24, 2015

Join Chemistry, March 7th and 8th at Camp Shred surfboard demo. We will be brining a ton of boards down to San Elijo campground, including our new Honey Dip and D3 models. There is a wide variety of waves at the campgrounds for everyone to enjoy, and for you to test out Chemistry's quiver. You’re able to try out anything you want, as many times as you want… and it’s free! There will also be food trucks, live music and a beer garden! Come on down and hang with the Chem crew, and get a feel for our boards whether you're new to the brand, or a long time customer. See you soon!      Continue Reading →